Wildlife SEQ Inc. was formed in 2019 and provides rehabilitation and release services to the native wildlife within the South East Region of Queensland. Wildlife SEQ Inc. is a Not for Profit registered incorporated charity that’s dedicated to the welfare of our native fauna.  Run solely by volunteers, our team is dedicated to ensuring all our native wildlife have the chance to live a full and successful life out in the wild.


From illness through to car impacts, loss of habitat to being orphaned, Wildlife SEQ Inc. receive a wide variety of species that require care.  The rehabilitation stage can be as short as a day or sadly it can go for many months, but our volunteers never give up.  Working closely together with local communities, vets, wildlife hospitals and other wildlife organisations, all animals that come in to care with us, receive the highest level of treatment.  All volunteers must go through mandatory training to receive their wildlife rehabilitation permit.  Carers within our organisation come with varying levels of experience.  From having no experience through to years in the industry, each carer has much to offer and it is now more than ever that we need your help.


While our primary focus is caring for our native wildlife, community education plays an integral part in Wildlife SEQ Inc.  Through workshops, educational programs, presentations and talks, our aim is to educate the community about the many issues that face our native wildlife today and how we can help.  By raising public awareness through education, not only do you the members of the public learn some pretty amazing facts, but it also helps our wildlife, who desperately need it.