Carers Food Fund Program

Free Animal Food for Carers!

Calling all animal carers! We are excited to announce a special initiative to support you in your efforts. Our team is offering FREE animal food to those currently caring for animals. We understand the challenges you face and Wildlife SEQ Inc. want to lend a helping hand.

To be eligible for our carers food fund program you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You are actively caring for an animal
  2. You have up to date Wildman records
  3. Subject to stock availability at time of your request

Please complete the form below to apply:

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Eligibility Questions

All requests are subject to approval and stock availablity.
Type/s of Animal currently in care
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Include all names of animals currently in care (As registered in Wildman)

Pickup Location & Order Request

Our volunteers are supporting the distribution of the Carers Food Program in different locations to make this as convenient as possible for our carers to pick up. We apologise if we are unable to accommodate for your location at this time.
Please select your most preferred pickup location:
What group of animals are you requesting food for?
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Click Submit below & your request will go to our team for their review and approval. You will receive an email with further information and instructions. Thank you for being a carer with Wildlife SEQ Inc.